by Hoirong

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mwah x


released May 24, 2016

Produced By Viraj Mohan & Hoirong

Mixed & Mastered By Viraj Mohan

Live Drums Tracked By Keshav Dhar & Viraj Mohan

Drums Edited By Keshav Dhar




Hoirong India

This is the fat and ugly stepsister of pop music, and it's basically sublime.
It's all very confusing, with traces of punk, art-rock, noise-rock, pop, metal, (and disco, apparently) all jostling with each other and making fleeting appearances in a sound that, while indeed a jumble, is still inherently individualistic and undeniably cool. ... more

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Track Name: Pushup Bra
I could have asked, asked, asked, but I spat spat spat.
I could have said thank you but I spat spat spat.
I could have checked with you, I could have said ILU.

But I am not the man I said I am.
F*** you assholes, I am such a f****** mess.
And this is not the way its supposed to be.
I'm a part of you and you're a part of me.

I believe I found myself and everyone else can save the world.
Track Name: Peace
This is not communication this is death.
Death, Death.
Boulder in my chest, there's a boulder in my chest.
Chest, Chest.
This is not regret this is pure hate.
Hate, Hate.
Call you Ganesh because your swimming trunks are wet.
Wet, Wet.

Turn this water into piss.
Turn this river into piss.
Turn this ocean into piss.

Turn your f****** car around, there's a cop up ahead.
Track Name: Grant Hill Drinks Sprite
And my luck just never seems to run out, can you help me, Jesus?
And my fortune played it's tricks on me but I am cunning Judas.
Nothing will destroy me, nothing I know can stop me now.
From here it is uphill, from here it is only f****** uphill.
From here it is only me and Lauryn f****** Hill again.

And that there's a reason for everything, I don't know what that means.
And that there's a purpose for everything, I think I know what that means, exactly what that means.
Track Name: 47RR
Take a bullet in the name of the country.
Take a shot to the center of your head its called the temple.
Get your act together its time for the bum bala bum bala bum bum.
This is the tune of the river of the blood in the forest.

And what the f*** is this medal for?
What is the use of this stupid f****** medal?
Track Name: Dhakan
Before retiring for the evening remove battery from hearing aid and place hearing aid inside jar on top of foam pad.
Close cover securely, remove hearing aid when ready for use.

Teth se leung avinah ubedeh uberehsi ogurululu aava li hongdo reh.
Adadigidi evff hiha taxi driver udara yu yu yungt.
Uchek ki tibad la ho.
Track Name: Two To Tango
Hey you idiot, clap your hands, clap your hands when the song ends.
Hey you idiot, wave your hands in the air because we know that you don'
t care.
Hey you idiot, shake my hand, say my name and shake my hands again.
Hey you idiot, have a drink with my Hard Rock F&B coupon.

Oh yeah, you are a big boy.
Oh yeah, you are so intelligent.
Hell yeah, you are so mesmerising and you are more famous than we will ever be.

Hey you idiot, clap your hands, clap your hands when the song ends.
Track Name: Saraswastika
Doesn't matter is a great way to answer any question that you don't really want to or something that you're completely annoyed with.
Pleased to meet you is the best way to act like you're chilled out because it sucks when you're horny and you can catch yourself saying something that you don't really mean.

Don't leave me hanging, hanging like a suicide fan club.
And if you clench your head, make sure that you masturbate.
Borderline hipster ??
I will embrace, I will embrace you.

Brat, brat, brat, brat brat, brat.
You're just a brat.
Track Name: Puke
Mapuia is dead, he died, he died, he died yeah he died.
Oh yes, he's dead, dead, dead.
Track Name: Precocial
Honestly, I'm a liar baby, honestly.
Discovering, I'm a loser baby, discovering.
Consciously, I am incubating, consciously.
Let it be is a Beatle's song baby, let it be, he he.

40 thousand million times, 40 million thousand lies.
And the truth will always be that,
You and me are future anarchy middle class rejects,
Perfect feather-weight title in a rematch.

Honestly, I'm not a liar baby, honestly
Discovering,I'm not a loser baby, discovering
Consciously, I was incubating, consciously
Let it be is a Beatle's song baby, let it be

40 thousand million times, I will be there all the time.
And the truth will always be that,
You and me are future anarchy middle class rejects,
Perfect feather-weight title in a rematch.
Track Name: Please
F*** your sense of humour, it sucks like a vacuum cleaner.
I just got my self together and toasted another pitcher.
Do you? Do I?
Does he? Does she?
F*** you, f*** me.
F*** she, f*** he.

Mind my own, business,
Mind your own business.
Track Name: Pardon My French
Considering that you, have it all figured out and just so you notice, I will Hara Kiri.
And if its just co - incidence and if I'm just ugly like you, you'll know by the weather on your skin.

So f*** you.
Fa lala la lala f*** you.
Track Name: Water Water Water
Come on f*** all get a little closer.
Because I'm not close to looking as good as you are.
No no no no